The Things I Miss From Home

I have really enjoyed my stay in Villa López Chihuahua, Mexico. It is a quant town of about 2,000 people. I wanted to visit a place that was not necessarily a popular travel escapade and a friend of mine whose relatives originally come from here recommended it to me. There is always a dance going on and invitations abound. I have had the darkest tan ever but folks still call me “güera” meaning white. Lately, in the quiet evenings I can’t help but feel a little homesick. It has been almost a month since I left on my small town Mexican venture but I already miss some things from home.


Sounds strange but I miss the smell of the good old USA. I can honestly say, Mexico has a distinct smell. Everywhere you go you will find vendors selling “agua fresca” made with various kinds of fruits, water and sugar. You can have your choice of lemon, melon, coconut and other fruit I was not familiar with. From time to time vendors spill little bits one the ground when they serve their customers. I just long to smell the non sweet smell of smog or even a tobacco pipe that my Kentucky grandpa would enjoy every evening. Oh, I miss the smell of Mom’s home baked chocolate chip cookies.


Folks around here think something is wrong with you if you want to venture off to some quiet corner. They are quite social but sometimes I would just love to have the privacy of my own room even if only for a day or so without having someone offer me coffee, a coke or something to eat to start small talk just because they think I am lonely.

Hot Bath

I am really thankful for Lurdez, who talked her mom into renting me a room. She has taken the time to be my tour guide and dance informant. She is always ready to head to the dance herself. It seems the most social thing around here for young men and women is meeting at the dance hall. She has also invited me to the “ojo” the local swimming hole and I have had a blast. At first I was not crazy about the little fish nibbling at my shaven legs but I got use it soon enough. Great to cool down on hot days but sometimes I so miss hot bath. I would really love to get in the hot tub Dad put in my bathroom to help me relax my aching muscles when I would train for marathons back home. Oh to just soak up the heat and complete relaxation.


I have not driven a vehicle this entire month. I decided it would be best and less of hassle if I just took local transportation to and from my destination. Since the town is small I could walk most places. I am thankful but I sure do miss getting in my Miata and heading for those quiet drives offering me scenic views with the top down and my favorite music. It was those drives that gave me my desire to become the traveling girl I am now. Although, my car is gone sold in sacrifice to fulfill the dream I am living now I wouldn’t mind any car even a rental to just drive, smell the non sweet US wind on my face, think and have some privacy.


I am not sure why I became so passionate with playing piano, an instrument that does not travel easily. Keyboards are just not the same. Now that is something Mom would not allow me to sell as it holds so many memories for her as it does me and it now resides in its familiar place once again as it did before I moved out from home and lived in my own apartment.

Despite all I miss I would not trade it for dream life I am living now. I love being a traveling gal and I look forward to the trips I make when I head home to enjoy what I miss most.