Showcasing Now: Shanghai

Putting the spotlight on China, one cannot help but see the city of Shanghai. Through its colorful history and tradition, stands the city of the future. Many consider the idea that China will be the world superpower in economics, and Shanghai will become the center of that evolution. Even just today, Shanghai already has so much to offer. This includes the financial district, a new trade zone, and the old hub of investment. Shanghai also offers its tradition and culture that are still being observed by its residents.


Pudong is a financial district of Shanghai, home of the Shanghai stock exchange. In Pudong also sits the airport Shanghai Pudong which is the gateway to the city. Going to the city center is possible by riding the Shanghai Maglev Train, a magnetic levitation train which is the first one used commercially. At the city center lies the many modern and iconic landmark skyscrapers. Some of which are the Oriental Pearl TV Tower with its unique design, Shanghai’s tallest building the Shanghai world financial center which houses a Park Hyatt hotel, together with the Jin Mao Tower, and thus making the Pudong skyline a magnifying and electrifying scene.

The Bund

The Bund or an embankment area along the Huangpu River is the old concession territory of the city, where foreign power governs its part of it.  It houses the boom of Shanghai as a cosmopolitan during the late 1800’s and to the early 1900’s. Today it still remains as the seat of many buildings that were once used for foreign businesses, banks, and some consulates. These buildings come in different designs contemplating the country of origin, like the art deco style which is abundant in Shanghai. The various foreign occupants turn the district into playground of the designer.   It is good to find the old style financial district just across the river of the new trade zone.

Nanjing Road

The Nanjing road is a shopping street of Shanghai, one of world’s busiest. It stood the various foreign brands as part of their crave for western culture. The street consists of high end shops of Gucci, Lacoste, Apple, Barbie store, and other western products. The Barbie store considered to be the spitting image of western perfection, has now been adopted by the Chinese in their own perspective of perfect.

Temple and Garden

The God Temple is a large temple complex that can be found in the old walled city places of Shanghai. It is a place for local practitioners of Taoism. It also displays the three city gods like Hou Guang, and others. Today, many locals still worship this sacred place. And tourists can also see and participate in the ceremony. The surrounding is well preserved with existence of the traditional buildings used for commerce such as shops, restaurants, and teahouses. Beside the temple complex is the famous Yu Garden. It comprises of many sections inside the place, each with unique interior design form having ponds, pavilions, rocks, and rosewood pieces. It is great place for zen or sightseeing.