Preparing for Jungle Travel

The rainforest holds such beauty and mystery. You can get a glimpse of civilizations gone by and unique creatures that are now on the endangered list that your eyes can behold. Before heading to the jungle here is what you will need in order to prepare yourself.

Physical Fitness

Prior to your venture plan on spending some months working on becoming physically fit. An area most women are weak on is upper body strength so be sure to workout this area as well as endurance exercises. Work out your legs muscles to support you going up mountains as well as down hill. You will find different muscles are required.

Medical Exam

Along with being physically fit you want to make sure you are in best of health. The jungles are filled with a variety of plants and animals. Should you have any kinds of allergy you should be aware as this can be detrimental on your journey. For example those who suffer from poison ivy may not be aware that the mango and other tropical fruits carry the same type of oil called urushiol which is found in poison ivy. This oil may trigger a serious allergic reaction sometimes by simply walking under a mango tree where the oils fall on you.

Pesky Creatures

The jungle is a breeding ground for mosquitoes whose buzzing can drive you crazy at times. Their annoying buzzing is the least of your problems what is most concerning is when they come in contact with you. Mosquitoes are the cause of dengue fever also known as the breakbone fever because that is exactly how you will feel as well as malaria. Another pesky creature who is not quite as annoying is a triatoma and is also referred to as kissing bugs or by their deadlier attributes assassin bugs. The bugs themselves look harmless but the parasite they carry can be detrimental even decades later. Learn about these and other pesky creatures you may encounter on your venture and learn how to protect yourself and avoid close encounters with them.


The jungle wet and slippery places and among your packing list essential is a good pair of boots you are comfortable walking in. You will also want to bring sandals or shoes you do not mind getting wet but your boots are going to be your feet most appreciative gear. A poncho will come in handy during those pouring down rain days. Light apparel that dries quickly will be a life saver for you in weight. A light jacket may also come in handy for those higher elevations that tend to be cooler. Keep in mind a good backpack that keeps your things dry is a must as well as waterproofing any camera equipment.

Hire a Jungle Guide

Unless you are very familiar with the jungle area you plan to venture it is highly advisable that you hire a guide. Being lost in the jungle can become extremely dangerous as injury may occur when venturing to areas that you are unfamiliar with. If this is your first jungle tour you will learn quite a bit from your guide who will advise you when and where to wear proper foot gear to lessen your chances of injury.

With proper preparation to becoming physically fit, a proper medical exam, learning what pesky creatures to avoid, having a proper packing list and hiring a jungle guide can make this expedition enjoyable and worthy to share with others from the records of your journal.