Cycling With a Mission to Explore the World

When you travel solo you can set your own schedule venture to places unknown and out of the norm. You can choose to travel by plane, train, car or boat. How about seeing the world at an even slower pace? A little faster than walking but just as enjoyable take on the challenge to explore the world on bicycle and record the account of your journeys for you or others to enjoy.

History of Cycling Women Explorers

Do not think this is something new. Women have endeavored to explore the world on a bicycle for many years now. In fact Dervla Murphy, famous for her many books on traveling cycled her way from Ireland to India. The exciting thing about a cycling adventure is the world is changing as new people come into existence. You will also find that some places still hold to their traditional lifestyles which make it quite interesting to get to know them.

Touring Bike that is Best Invest In

Do not go cheap or think flashy. What you need is a bicycle that will hold up to traveling in various types of terrain and weather. You will be looking at investments anywhere nearly $1000 plus for a good new touring or trekking bicycle as it is sometimes referred to. You will have to consider your budget and if need be look into finding a good used bicycle that could save you hundreds. Another thing to consider is if you want additional features in your bicycle such as being able to fold up as this would come in handy if you plan to include the use of public transportation on your endeavor.

Additional Gear

Gear that you could use that may or may not be including with your bicycle is a back rack that will help you load additional bags for your journey. A good bicycle helmet and riding gloves come in handy as well as to proper footgear. You will want proper saddle bags that fit your back rack as well as additional bags you deem necessary for your trip. Other mounts may be required to carry water bottles for your journey. You may also opt in for a few extra parts as well as a basic repair kit should you need it along the way.

Packing List

Of course you want to pack light but there are certain things you must have to make your trip more enjoyable and also in some areas it may mean essential for survival. Cotton tops are nice and a few tang-tops would also come in handy, socks, underwear, pants or shorts appropriate for cycling, a lightweight jacket, tent, international stove, dishes, sleeping bag and any other essentials you would need. Laptop or mobile devices are also nice to have as today you have access to wireless internet in some locations and you can keep in touch easier with email, chat or VOIP.

Where to Begin

Best place to get yourself started and becoming comfortable with bicycle touring especially is right in your own country. Plan a trip of several days or weeks and head out. Make this a learning trip of what gear and packing you do or do not need. Once you complete your trip make the necessary changes and adjustments.

You are now ready to be a part of endeavoring to create your own mark on history, with the right bicycle, gear to cycle with a mission to explore the world.