Alaskan Escapade for Women

Alaska is truly an incredible frontier with such a variety for the woman explorer to discover. Prepare yourself for an Alaskan escapade that is perfect for single or unaccompanied women to venture in.

Packing List

Pack light to make it easy on you as you travel from place to place. Not to mention you will have room for any thing you decide to purchase along the way. You would want to take your favorite hair care products, perfume or toiletry items. Binoculars will be nice for some far away views, digital camera to capture your favorite breathtaking sights.

It would not hurt to bring along jacket as the weather may seem cooler than what you are accustomed to and avoid cotton material for outdoor activities as it does not dry easily. Hiking bots are recommended and any motion sickness medication. Avoid aerosol hairspray or insect repellent; bring those items in pump bottle instead. If at all possible leave your laptop at home, especially if you accustomed to working on it you do not want to be tempted with work when you are on vacation. Do bring other portable devices such as cell phone where you can keep in touch with loved ones.

How to Get to Alaska

You have a choice of flying, driving or taking a cruise to Alaska. You may choose to fly which for some is the easiest way. You can save a good percentage on airfare if you make your purchase months in advance. You may rather choose to leave on cruise ship from California, Oregon or Washington State. This method of travel can be quite exciting allowing you to view glaciers and glimpse of whales along the way.

Your final alternative, given you have the time, is to travel by vehicle through Canada where you will drive through Denali and Yukon National Parks. This makes your drive quite breathtaking with beauty. In addition to the packing list mentioned above you will be required to have Passport, driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance.

Places to See

You will find that Alaska offers an incredible variety of places to see. You can venture to Glacier Bay, Kenai Fjords where you can wildlife and kayaking, one of over 100 state parks or head out for some great fishing, hunting or biking in Alaska’s National forest. Venture to Fairbanks to see the northern lights.

Planning Your Destinations

To make the most of your Alaskan vacation you may decide to come in on a cruise, make your way to Anchorage and depending on the amount of travel time you have plan your trip accordingly. This will allow you to see glaciers and ocean life then head inland to view Alaska playground starting with the Kenai Peninsula.

Take the following five day example as a possible guide to planning your destinations in Alaska. From Anchorage you can head on train to Seward to enjoy Kenai Fjords National Park. Then take an hour drive to visit Hope and Cooper Landing for a rafting adventure. Further driving can lead you to Sterling and Soldotna for some great fishing and Homer for shopping, restaurants and the option to charter a flight trip to see Katmai bears. From Homer you can head back to Anchorage


When choosing what you want to do while in Alaska will also be a major role as to how you will plan your destinations. A few things have already been mentioned such as sight seeing glaciers, whales, northern lights and bears. Fishing, kayaking was also mentioned but you also have the option to go canoeing, gold panning, white water rafting, hiking and dog-sled tours.

Alaska offers plenty of outdoor activities for the woman traveler who loves to have a breathtaking unforgettable adventure.