About Us

Girls With Pens is a female-focused travel blog. We’re a bunch of cool and independent young women with opinions we’re not afraid to express. You probably won’t like everything you read on here. Among other things, we’ve got some strong views on sex tourism, Islamic states, and the education of young girls.

But we’re not just talking. We’re out there, traveling the world, experiencing everything close up with our own eyes and minds and hearts. In other words: this shit’s empirical.

Lest you go writing us off as a bunch of man-hating feminists, let it also be known that, well, we’re not. We actually quite like men. Especially when they’re not drunk, watching sports or trying to compensate for something.

Who are these girls?


Something of an enigma, this girl. As far as we can tell, nobody has ever met her in real life, but she writes so damn well about her experiences in different countries that there’s no doubting she’s been around. Rumored to be from the Oregon, she looks Scandinavian and sounds faintly British. Some say she had her heart broken and thus began her life of travel. Others say she was the breaker, not the broken. Either way, she writes beautifully, as you’ll no doubt agree.


An outgoing, entrepreneurial, travel-crazy, twenty-something, we can confirm Lindsey’s nationality, that being American. As with Abby however, you might find yourself a little confused by Lindsey’s accent. She grew up an army brat and thus spent much of her teenage years hopping around Europe and Asia. Lindsey has continued her nomadic ways into adulthood and shows no signs of slowing down. Favorite spots include Costa Rica and New Zealand.


Just when you thought we were getting too American on you, here comes a German to balance things out a bit. Ursula hails from Berlin and insists that she’s yet to find a city that comes close in terms of awesomeness despite several years of world travel. Aside from that city pride, you could actually say that Ursula is a terrible German, often laughing at bad jokes and disobeying traffic signals like a blind woman!