5 Places in Southeast Asia You Can Take Your Mom

You will find that South East Asia is one of the more women friendlier places to travel. So bringing mom along should not be a problem especially in some countries where sexual harassment is quite low because men fear the shame and scandal it would bring to them. The following are five places in South East Asia you can bring your mom to.

Hong Kong

This is where you and your mom can spend tons of time with so many things to do. You can both head over to The Peak Tower for a panoramic view that looks down on the city. Take tea at Lin Heung Tea House then venture off on a charter to see the 260 islands that actually comprise Hong Kong. Take on shopping at night at the Temple Street Night Market for some great finds.

Tokyo, Japan

You will both enjoy seeing the past and modern present structure coexisting together. Visit the fish market for a glimpse of some critter from the sea and top it off with a sushi breakfast. Given the right season you and mom may get a kick of watching Sumo wrestling. Watch as the talent gathers at Yoyogi Park. Due to indoor places being cramped the park is a great place for musicians to get together and practice as well as play actors and dancers.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

You will find some occasional wildlife that dares to venture the city making it an interesting sight. Take mom out to the Central Market to enjoy Chinatown, various arts and crafts. Dine at Raju where you can enjoy your cuisine on banana leaves. Love bird watching? Then KL Bird Park will offer you a view at parakeets, ostriches, peacocks and more. Show mom the Batu Caves with their natural caverns.


Here is where you and mom can have a blast shopping, dinning and watching movies among other things. Head over to the Botanic Gardens to enjoy an early morning stroll as you wait on the rest of Singapore to start conducting business which is usually around 11 a.m. Enjoy the varied plant species and when you are done be sure to stop for a traditional breakfast near Tanglin Gate. Mom can even get a non-surgical facelift at Camden Medical Centre then head on venturing to shop for some great deals on electronics at Funan Digitalife Mall.

Bangkok, Thailand

For ocean lovers you can enjoy Siam Ocean World where you can either walk the bottom of a tank filled with dangerous sharks or watch the ocean life from protected glass on the outside. Endeavor off to watch the snake show on the weekends that feature king cobras. For a more relaxing atmosphere then Lumpini Park or Benjasiri Park will do. Take a bicycle tour of the city and view a greener side of Bangkok or venture the Bangkok Canal on a cruise on a long tailed boat. Both you and mom must at least take one Thai style tuk tuk ride, not very comfortable but something mom can brag about when she get back home.

Talk about fun times and memories that you and your mom will have visiting Hong Kong, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Bangkok.