5 Destinations Where Women Should Take Extra Precaution

Traveling alone is pretty exciting but as a woman it can be quite dangerous as there are “predators” out to gratify their agenda and ruin your good time. This is not meant to discourage you but rather to encourage you to use some wisdom to stay safe. No matter where you go domestic or abroad there are certain precautions you should take. The following are five destinations you should be keenly aware of when traveling alone. Keep in mind the tips given along with certain location can also apply to any destination you venture to.


Men in general are very sexual. Sometimes they have trouble taking, “No” for answer. In Ireland, sexually transmitted diseases are high because proper hygiene and sex education have not kept up with Ireland’s sexual revolution. It is best to travel in a group and better still add defensive classes to defend yourself prior to going to Ireland. You definitely want to avoid being drunk and rendering yourself defenseless against some “charming” Irishman. Learn what the trouble areas are and avoid them. Avoid house parties with people you do not know. Do not hitch rides alone, making you a target and avoid suggestions to show you a “short cut” to your destination.


There has been a rise in gang rapes in India, posing a threat to single women travelers. It is a very risky place to travel due to the fact that proper investigation and prosecution of sexual offenders is not very strong. It helps when authorities take a strong stand against sexual offenses to get a clear message that this is not acceptable but until then take extreme caution when traveling in India.


Prides in being the Southern Hemisphere’s most popular tourist destination but there has been a caution issued for women. It was reported that an American was raped while her boyfriend was handcuffed. Understanding that the suspects when at lengths to make sure their agenda was accomplished you must be ready to absolutely defend yourself. The draw back with Brazil is that little is done to persecute offenders as they hold to a “machismo” culture where such acts are excused because it is a “man” thing and women are simply objects of their desires.


Turkey has become a spotlight with the murder of an American woman. According to chat records she had actually agreed to meet with someone to take pictures of a bridge as she had gone on this escape to take photographs. This is important to keep in mind and that is not to agree to meet with stranger, no matter how friendly they seem. Especially avoid meeting up with people just because you had friend them on social networks, no matter how long ago. If you do not know them personally they are still strangers. If you end up meeting them in countries such as Turkey where drugs and date rape is common it can be a dangerous combination.


Venturing away from tourist areas can be especially dangerous and extreme caution must be taken. Not only are a target for sexual assault but kidnappings are also prevalent. Warnings have been issued that regardless women in Kenya are subject to violent crimes. This is a warning to heed as serious and for you to take extra precautions.

Learning more about each location you are venturing to, avoiding certain areas and being prepared to defend yourself will help you have a safe and enjoyable journey.