5 Chocolate Paradise’s for Women Travelers

Chocolate has been the passion of many a woman who relishes its unique taste. This chocolate passion has gained the interest of many a wonderer of this mystical attraction. For a chocolate lover like yourself why not take your passion to the extreme and indulge in a chocolate lover’s vacation?


The overall famous and a must for all chocolate lovers is to visit is Belgium. Belgium continues the top produces of chocolate for many companies. The companies’ production boasts in tons of chocolate per year. There are over 2,000 chocolate shops that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Your main hub for chocolate sensation vacation will be Brussels. You will find an array of guided demonstrate the different process it takes in making chocolate. You can also venture to chocolate museums for a historical view of your passion. Go on tours, join chocolate events and meet Belgium chocolatiers.


You will not only indulge your taste buds in exquisite chocolates but you can relax in a chocolate bath. Make your way to Geneva for an unforgettable chocolate bath at After the Rain Spa. Head over to the Alpose Chocolate Museum or join a seasonal chocolate festival held in March or December. Take the Swiss Chocolate Train and tour through beautiful landscape with a visit at the Cailler- Nestlé factory in Broc.


The windy city may also carry with it the aroma of chocolate. Chicago offers chocolate walking tours and a menu by Alinea that offers a final course of chocolate. Black Dog Galeto will have you indecisive in what you should try with unique chocolate choices. Keep in mind if you plan to visit Black Dog Galeto it is quite a busy hub and you may encounter long lines but everyone will tell you it is worth the wait. Candy Le Chocolatier will not only satisfy your taste buds but also leave you in awe of how they can create a chocolate piece into a small work of art.


Head over to London’s Chocolate festival that is held in the spring. You will enjoy all things chocolate. You can enjoy a tasty chocolate chilli, enjoy organic hot chocolate or allow your taste buds the privilege of tasting a variety of chocolates. Now, for those who may desire to share a bit your chocolate venture with friends and family back home then you can choose from an array chocolate gifts you can take back.


Enjoy an almost 100 year chocolate treat of Baci that is translated “kisses” which is sure leave you licking your lips. Take a tour through Perugina Chocolate Factory and combine it with a Baci-maker’s class at the chocolate school. Baci is also unique with its wrap that has a brief quote that would almost give chocolate a voice of love and affection. Let those quotes encourage your indulgence or share them with a significant loved one. Your tour will also take you through the Perugina Museum to learn about the chocolate maker and a history of Baci, followed by a vivid chocolate tasting experience.

The venture of indulgences can be satisfied with these five chocolate paradises that offer woman travelers a way to satisfy their chocolate craving.