Fall Festivals in the U.S.A.

Fall is such a welcoming time of chilly weather, warm smells of your favorite beverage or hot meal and a great time for festivals. The colors of fall are spectacular depending on what part of the U.S. you are in but there are color festivities you can take part in should your surrounding lack color. As a traveler it is fun to experience just how people celebrate the fall. Some celebration you may not of even thought of being a fall festivity while other are as natural as the leaves turning. Enjoy your journey to fall festival in the U.S.A.

Maple Leaf Festival

Missouri has beautiful fall colors provided that just the right amount of rain was received throughout the year to give you a colorful display of leaves. The colors range from deep reds, orange and yellows. When all the leaves turn into a golden brown, you can go for an early morning drive and as the sun hits the trees you are surrounded by an incredible view of golden majesty just before they surrender themselves to the ground the next day. It is no wonder that Carthage, Missouri would have a festival honoring the beauty of the maple leaf. Enjoy hometown style celebrations in this city that is home to the Precious Moments Park. Historian buffs will enjoy Carthage Civil War Museum for historical accounts you may not be familiar with.

Balloon Festival

Not all places in the U.S. enjoy the splendor of seeing the spectacular fall colors on maple trees. Places such as Albuquerque, New Mexico my not have such colors displayed in nature but they make up for it in their Balloon Festival. What a sight seeing all those air balloons take to the skies! Balloons are not only rich in colors by some are creatively designed made to appear as dragons, cats and some with intriguing details telling us a story. Enjoy nine full days of celebration that include various competitions, fireworks and so much more. Wake up at dawn to a glowing display of balloons on the horizon courtesy of Dawn Patrol Show.

Oyster Fest

Here is a fall festival you may not have thought of but it is excellent for seafood lovers, especially those who enjoy oysters. Wellfleet, Cape Cod Massachusetts offers a fun celebration where you can enjoy live music, arts and crafts. When attending the event you will need to pay admission right on the spot and be sure you bring cash to pay because that is all they will accept. You have your choice of a one day or two day pass. Once in you can explore what a shell fishing town is like. Watch documentaries of locals whose lives are ever consumed with this industry. Taste of the fruits of their labors enjoying foods from different vendors. Watch the oyster shuck competition and see experienced men and women who can turn out perfect oysters on a half shell.

Apple Harvest

One last place that cannot be passed off which is such a reminder of the fall weather is Ardendtsville, Pennsylvania. They make the apple harvest a reason to celebrate. Enjoy your choice of two weekend celebration held in October of complete fun. The weekend schedule begins at 10 am and goes past 4 pm. There is live music to include singing, the accordion and the hammer dulcimer. Find yourself square dancing or heading over to check out the antique auto show. Enjoy the arts country style with chainsaw carvings and pottery displays. Finally need it be said? Yes, apple pie, caramel apples, apple cider and anything apple you can think of.

Take in the sights, colors and smells. This fall enjoy your travels to some incredible festivals of hometown fun and celebration.