Melbourne – the Place to Visit

Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria, Australia is an urbane, chic destination. Renowned for its food, bars, appreciation of art and culture, you can fully expect a memorable experience.

How to see Melbourne if you only have 24 hours in this bohemian city is tricky. Let us have a look at what you could do in such a short time. Don’t worry I can assure you, you will be back for a lot more, because Melbourne keeps on giving.

7am – get up early and go for a walk through the botanic gardens, or even jog through this delightful garden.

8am – hit one of the innumerable cafes for a caffeine fix for a start, and whatever breakfast you choose. How to select which one to pick is difficult but you are unlikely to go wrong.

9am – take the City Circuit tram to orientate yourself with the city. Melbourne is laid out in a grid and is very easy to get around. Hop off and on whenever you want. Check out the Melbourne jail, or the fabulous markets. Let the provided commentary guide you.

11.30am – hit the shops where you will be overwhelmed by the choice and diversity. From super chic to bohemian artistic – you will find it all. Your credit card will be in trouble.

1.00pm – you deserve a break and refuel. Hard choice – where? Melbourne is a foodies Mecca. What cuisine are you after? Greek? Lebanese? Chinese? French? Italian? Australian? Look you will have to accompany whatever with a good Australian wine or beer.

2.30pm – undoubtedly refreshed, it is now time for a bit of culture. Choose to go the Federation Square and you will always happen upon street art and music. There are some awesome art galleries or you could go over to the National Gallery of Victoria where you will catch the latest exhibitions as well as the superb static displays.

5.00pm – hit a bar and enjoy a drink. Chat to the locals and generally people watch – it’s an art form.

7.00pm – now dinner. Massive decision – again. Select either one of the featured restaurants or yet another cultural cuisine and varying price ranges. You are so spoilt for choice

9.00pm – can’t eat all day can you? Up you get and walk to one of the local music venues and catch an up and coming band, or an established iconic band or performance artist. Maybe comedy is your thing, so go to a comedy club. Melbourne is good for a laugh.

12.00 – your call. Bed or over to the Crown Casino and recoup your credit card debt!

Now after all of that, you now know that Melbourne is cool and this is just a taster in 24 hours.  You are well fed, are cultured with art and music, have woken with nature, and had a history tour as well. Oh yes, forgot you went shopping as well.

Yes, should we have included St Kilda beach and its famous cakes on Ackland Street. What about the famous MCG- the Melbourne Cricket Ground? What about the Grand Prix track? Being hassled by the fabulous Italian hawkers in Lygon Street who assure you that their restaurants are the best? Well yes, we should have. Guess you will have to come back, don’t you think?